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Fun ways to use your hammock

Fun ways to use your hammock - Nakie


Hear  the word hammock and you think relaxing reading a book or.... watching the sunset with a Pina Colada.

Don't get us wrong we love a good Pina Colada or reading a book in a hammock but we have come up with a list of fun ways to use your hammock.

 Relaxing on the top of a mountain after a long hike

 Around a campfire  


Watching the sunset 


On top of a cliff 


Mid day nap


Take your partner on a romantic date



Did someone say the beach?


Perfect for sleeping instead of your tent...


Summer day relaxing in the pool


Forces you to explore new places


By a waterfall


Mid hike to rest the legs


Relaxing with friends 


Cuddles with your partner


Studying for exams


Enjoying with pets







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