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Give The Present Of Sustainability With These Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Give The Present Of Sustainability With These Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas - Nakie

Are you looking for a way to give an eco-friendly gift that a friend or family member will love while helping protect the world they live in? Check out these sustainable gift ideas from the team at Nakie!

In today’s world of one-click shopping, it can be difficult to find and give a gift that has heart, soul, and functionality. Products are increasingly made with cheap disposable materials with a price focus without considering the environmental impact.

If you are ready to give a gift that offers joy and gives back to the world we share, look no further than the high-quality products at Nakie. Created with a passion for sustainability, Nakie products make excellent gifts for anyone on our list. Not sure where to begin? Check out these top eco-friendly gift ideas offered exclusively from Nakie:


5 Top Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Designed to protect the environment and offer high-quality fun and functionality, here are the top eco-friendly gifts you can give right now from Nakie:



Rising in popularity in the past several years, hammocks are a great way to spend time in the great outdoors in comfort. At Nakie, our team of sustainability experts has designed a high-quality, robust hammock that can take on the elements while being built of sustainable materials. Ever Nakie Hammocks is developed from 37 recycled plastic consumer water bottles and it comes with strong straps to provide long-lasting enjoyment and relaxation.




Available in a variety of colors and styles, you are sure to find a sustainable hammock design that you will love. Check out the full catalog of sustainable hammocks and hammock bundles online.

Titanium Straws

A major contributor to waste and environmental decay is the use of single-use plastic straws. If you are looking for a gift that will help someone enjoy their drinks with a sustainable mindset, check out Nakie’s reusable titanium straw set!


Nakie Straws


Made of sustainably-sourced titanium, this straw set offers a clean, rust-proof, and lightweight alternative to single-use straws. Each pack comes with three titanium reusable straws, three straw cleaners, and a carrying pouch for easy storage and portability. With a Nakie titanium straw set, you can help someone else give back to the environment with eco-friendly capabilities that will last a lifetime!

Titanium Spork & Knife Set

In the same way that plastic single-use straws add a burden to the environment, plastic silverware sets are used and thrown out every single day in homes, restaurants, and businesses around the world. A great gift for those who wish to protect the environment and utilize their own private set of silverware, the titanium spork and knife set from Nakie makes a fantastic eco-friendly gift!




Made from rust-proof, durable titanium, this spork and knife set is the perfect gift for those who enjoy eating on the go. Each set comes with a titanium spork, knife, and carrying pouch that offers ease of use and reuse.


Titanium Grills

Know someone who loves to cook outdoors, but doesn’t want to add waste to the environment? Consider the advantages of an eco-friendly, portable grilling system! The titanium grill set from Nakie is an ultra-lightweight, strong, and rust-proof cooking utility that is perfect for bush camping or for use over an open fire.


Nakie - Grill


This titanium grill can withstand temperatures of up to 1,600°c and provides a non-toxic and corrosion-resistant cooking environment. With a durable custom 3D mesh design, the Nakie Titanium Grill is the perfect gift for those who are always on the move and want to enjoy high-quality cooking wherever they are!

Sustainable Blanket

Give the gift of sustainable, eco-friendly comfort with a puffy blanket from Nakie. With a variety of colors and styles, Nakie sustainable blankets are created with 600 fill power and 500 grams of recycled plastic - helping you enjoy a warm blanket that doesn’t hurt the environment.


Nakie Blanket


Nakie sustainable blankets come with both a hands-free cape clip, corner loops, and a carrying bag. Your friends and family will love a Nakie sustainable puffy blanket that provides a temperature rating of 5°C or 41° F. Check out the full catalog of colors and styles online.


Give The Gift Of Sustainability At Nakie

As you can see, eco-friendly and sustainable gifts don’t mean skimping on quality or functionality. In fact, with ingenuity and creativity, an eco-friendly gift from Nakie can be one of the most heartfelt gifts you could give this year! Not only does the purchase of a Nakie product make a great gift for an environmentally-conscious consumer, but Nakie will take the extra step to help protect the environment through profit and proceeds.


Whether you need a gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or a present “just because”, you’ll love what you discover from the team at Nakie. Driven by a passion to see consumers enjoy their natural environment with high-quality products, Nakie is pushing the limits of environmentally-conscious products. To learn more and buy online with free worldwide shipping, visit Nakie online today.


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