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The world's first hammock made of 100% recycled materials. Made from 37 plastic bottles the Nakie hammock is ultralight weight, portable and extremely comfortable, designed to be used by two people.
  • Recycled Double Hammock with Straps x 2 - Couple Combo - Nakie
    Recycled Double Hammock with Straps x 2 - Couple Combo - Nakie

    Recycled Hammock with Straps x 2 - Couple Combo

    What's included 2 x Double HammockDimensions: 3m X1.8mWeight rating: 225kgWeight: 600g 4 x Hammock StrapsLength: 3m per strapWeight rat...

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  • Hammock Straps - Nakie
    Hammock Straps - Nakie

    Hammock Straps

    What's included 2 x Hammock StrapsLength: 2.3m per strapWeight rating: 450kgWeight: 130g per strap



Why Buy a Nakie Hammock?

Here at Nakie we are passionate about the environment and have created an eco friendly outdoor brand. Our hammocks have carefully been designed from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each Nakie hammock is crafted from 37 post consumer plastic bottles pulled from landfill. The hammock has an impressive weight rating of 225kg or 500LBLs making it perfect for two people. 

When we created the Nakie hammock we focussed on producing an ultra light hammock to be used for hiking, camping, or just everyday use. We wanted a hammock that was extremely portable and easy use. Each hammock weighs just 600grams and comes with no knot straps and carabiners making setting up your hammock a breeze. In fact it can take less than minute to set up and be relaxing in a Nakie hammock.

We also designed our hammocks for ultimate comfort. Each hammock boasts a large 3m by 1.8m making them extremely spacious and comfortable even for the taller society. The 1.8m width also creates lot of space for hanging with a friend or loved one. Each hammock is made from a soft light weight, breathable material allowing a cosy and restful night sleep. 

Crafted with triple stitching & uniquely designed polyester end straps for increased strength and durability a Nakie hammock is built to last lifetime. Each Nakie hammock is made from the absolute best quality money can buy and come with a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Just yourself and two trees! Each Nakie hammock comes standard with no knot straps and carabiners for an easy no fuss set up.

225kg or 500LBLs. Our hammocks are 3m long by 1.8m wide making sharing your hammock absolute dream.

For sure! Our hammocks are the ultimate in comfort you won’t want to get out. With our breathable recycled material you will easily get a good night sleep. Studies have actually shown that there is a lot of health benefits of sleeping in a hammock. Including experiencing a deeper sleep, reducing muscle aches and pains and a reducing stress.

We recommend hand washing in cold water with a non bleaching product. Once washed remove from water and hang out to dry in the shade so you will be ready for your next adventure. Do not soak your hammock and please do not put your hammock into the dryer!